Saturday, January 01, 2011

Book #1 - Women and the Sea

I am a beach girl through and through! Living in the midwest now, one of my big goals is to return to living by the sea myself. I find a balance by the ocean that I have never known anywhere else. However, my husband is a dentist and selling his successful practice and taking a state dental board exam again just to start new is not on his immediate to do list no matter how hard the children and I encourage this adventure. So it seemed only fitting that my first book of 50 be near and dear to my heart. I am not much of a fictional reader and love anything inspirational that encourages me to grow or that I can identify with.

"Women and the Sea" by Claire Murray is a lovely coffee table sort of book with gorgeous seaside photography and several beautiful stories of creative women pursuing their passions. All of the women featured have been inspired by the call of the sea and I found great comfort from my land locked position reading each soulful story. "Women and the Sea" is not available in bookstores, but can be purchased online at

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kathryncole said...

I love this Christine! Your blog is very inspiring!